Apache Helicopter Prop

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Take a look at this impressive scale replica of an Apache Helicopter. The Theme Team built this one using computer modeling, field measurements and more in order to create this spectacular prop piece. Built and used for a tradeshow at a cost exceeding $14,000, this one of kind prop is the real deal. A free metal base comes with the helicopter as well if you'd like - you can see in our tradeshow picture how this helicopter sat in our booth. The metal base with arm extension reached up about 7 feet from the corner of a mezzanine platform. The end of the arm had a flat metal plate that "joined" with another plate affixed to the bottom of the helicopter. Here are a few other


  • Blades are made from 3/4" MDO with a layered CNC'd mounting wood core and can be removed for ease in handling and can then be bolted back on
  • Blades spin using single phase, 1.5 hp motor, specialty gear box to allow constant operation, with variable speed control box to adjust propeller speed. Very impressive when spinning slowly
  • Made of poly coated foam, with MDO framing and a metal welded box frame to hold the motor and bottom plate.
  • Most of the pieces were cut from a CNC machine and then crafted by hand for the finished look
  • Tail of helicopter slides away from body to decrease the size for shipping and handling
  • Wings are removable as well
  • There is some cosmetic paint scraps from moving this piece and some of the rockets under the wings were damaged by can be repaired with ease
  • We will send quarts of paint to match the colors on the helicopter for any touch-ups


  • Propeller Span (tip to tip): 15' 9"
  • Body Length (nose to tail): 19'
  • Body Width (wing tip to wing tip): 8'6"

*Our props are all crafted in-house by a talented team of designers and artisans. We don't keep an inventory and we place products into the production schedule once orders are received. This means it could take 2-4 weeks for this product to be ready for shipping.

**Every handcrafted piece is unique and custom, so the product you receive may have variations from the pictures shown.

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