Mini Golf Rules Sign - LED

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When customers play mini golf at your facility, you want them to have fun, and you also want them to follow the rules. This wall-mounted, color-changing led mini golf rules sign is the perfect solution for your indoor mini golf course. The sign is made with MDF material and painted with Wildfire Luminescent Black Light paint. The sign is internally illuminated with LED lights, and it comes with an RGB controller to change the lights. Capture your customer's attention with this led rules sign!

Text on the rules sign

  1. Maximum of five people per group
  2. Allow faster groups to play through
  3. Six stroke limit per hole
  4. The ball may be moved a putter's head width away from all curbs & obstacles
  5. One stroke penalty if ball leaves hole
  6. Please hit the ball gently
  7. No food, drinks, or gum on the course
  8. Please do not handle props or effects
  9. Play at your own risk
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43.00 (in)
1.25 (in)