Teleporter Sci-Fi Escape Room Prop

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Teleport your guests to a futuristic sci-fi world like Tron or Star Trek. This Teleporter fits well in a spaceship escape room for an interactive, digital puzzle your guests will enjoy solving.


Your spaceship malfunctioned and lost it's reactor core, which is now floating free in outer space. Retrieve the reactor core to continue the mission, or you will fail.

The player must capture this reactor core to win the game. Using the joystick, they track the core. The reticle will change between red and green to signify the ability to lock on. While green, pressing the joystick button will increase the lock-on from 0 to 100. While red, the lock-on will passively decrease. If the button is pressed while red, the lock-on will decrease more quickly. Once it reaches 100, the core will disappear from the screen and the core will be revealed, allowing players to use it later.