Ultratec 1/4" Silicone Tube LF

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Ultratec Radiance Part # CXP 2476
1/4" Silicone Tube LF

1/4" Silicone Tube LF


That silicon tubing is sold by the foot; not by the spot it is installed into.  So if an order is placed for 1 pc; that would mean that only 1 foot of tubing is requested, which is not necessarily the length of the tubing that goes into the jug. 

The Radiance uses a total overall length of 4.250 feet of tubing inside it.  Then that total length is cut down to the shorter lengths needed for the different pieces that are inside the machine, including the part that goes from the jug to the fluid pump.


Please make sure you are ordering the correct quantity for the length of tubing you are needing.